Bar Box Maxi 12m

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  • One pallet box offers multiple mobile bar configurations from 1.2 m to 12 m width
  • Small to transport – One standard pallet 120x100x185 cm
  • Total transport weight 555kg
  • Fast and easy installation – 1 person builds in 15 mins
  • Unique click together system, no tools or screws required for installation
  • Available in three colours:- Original wood, White wood and Grey wood
  • Heavy duty – Suitable for Permanent or Semi Permanent install and Hire
  • Customisable – Brandable
    – Full colour print directly on the panels
    – Laser cutted plate


Bar Box Maxi 12m

Highly compact palletised mobile 12m bar

The Bar Box Maxi 12m is our largest one box bar. 12m of bar front and all the shelves fits inside one normal sized pallet box. This compact and space saving design really comes into its own when packing for a large event. Simply wheel the pallet into position and unpack. Then clip the sections together. No tools are required, no bolts or screws to go missing. One person can unpack and clip together 12m of bar front in 15 minutes.

Multiple Configurations

The Bar Box Maxi 12m is actually two of our Bar Box Mini 6m in one pallet box for ease of transport. This Bar Box will can be built in many different configurations a few of which are shown below. You can build this as one large bar unit or split it into several smaller units around one venue.


Original Wood

This is very similar in colour and texture to bright wood pallets.

Original wood Bar Box Maxi 12m set up with laser cut stainless letters applied to the front

White and Grey Wood

Available as a quick special order.

White wood Bar Box Maxi
Example of the grey wood effect available as a quick special order

Special Order

We are able to custom colour match to your brand guidelines. We can add your logo to the panels either in long life vinyl, screen print, UV print or laser cut. Ask for more details.

Customised panels for a special event – UV print direct to panel
Customised center panel with a swappable logo board

PDF Downloads:-

How to Build Video

Watch this video to get a quick overview of the different installation options.