A marquee on the tennis court? A perfect place for a party!

Having a marquee on your tennis court might not be your first thought when it comes to having a party at home, but it can provide the perfect level surface for a great party.


There’s no drilling, fixing, pegs, or stakes, which of course means no damage to the tennis court (or another hard surface like a drive or car parking area).  Instead, we use water weights to hold these tennis court marquees in place, or sometimes we use fixing points outside the tennis court area.  

Tennis courts work well for any marquee party and they can also save you money as there’s usually no need for hard flooring, which will reduce the cost. The overall surface area of a tennis court provides plenty of space that can comfortably accommodate up to 300 guests.

Holding an event on a tennis court allows you to have a drinks reception on a hard surface meaning ladies in heels won’t be sinking into soft grass – nothing worse than getting stuck in your best shoes!  We also have ways of lighting tennis court marquees so that guests won’t even know that’s where they are! You can get some examples of how a party on a tennis court can work here.

Tennis Court Marquee Key Features:

  • Create a practical and spacious venue using an existing hard surface.
  • Ideal for social and corporate events where you want to accommodate up to 300 guests.
  • Assembled using water weights so no damage to the ground.
  • Save on costs as there’s no need to pay for hard flooring.
  • Possibility of carpeting the entire court surface and leaving one side of the marquee open for a flowing, relaxed party.
  • If the weather turns cooler later in the evening we can simply add a side panel to retain the warmth.

Before we can quote you for your event we need to come for a no-obligation visit to check that the venue you have in mind is suitable. If you would like us to arrange this please contact us today.