Clearspan Marquee Hire

Clearspan Marquees are for the Smartest Parties and the Greatest Events.

When you need it to look super smart and contemporary a Clearspan Marquee is the only solution. Our wide range of structures will make your event or party stand out.

Clearspan marquee at night showing lighting effects

By far the most popular type of Marquee Structure in the UK and Europe

Below is everything you need to know about Clearspan Marquees.


  • Modular, so any length and width can be accommodated
  • It is the most flexible and versatile of all our Marquee structures
  • Very weatherproof against rain, wind and (if you keep it gently heated) snow
  • Can be set up on any surface. Does not have to be staked down, but if you can’t have stakes it will need weighting down. Weights can be big and unsightly.
  • Produces the smartest “look”- particularly inside
  • Exterior takes light very well at night, can look spectacular with good lighting
  • Interior can be designed to any clients “look”
  • Flooring can be anything from grass to a suspended floor over a swimming pool
  • Can have real doors, windows, hard sides, hard floors

Clearspan Marquee at Summer Garden Party


  • Not many really, although the exterior can be a bit plain, white and regular, almost box or warehouse shaped.
  • Break up the exterior with Peaked Pagodas

Clearspan Marquee in St James Square London

More detailed information:-

  • The most popular type and the Marquee everyone pictures in their minds eye when you mention the word “Marquee”
  • All Clearspan Marquees are Modular in 3m or 5m units or bays
  • Widths are 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18m and so on
  • Length is unlimited but in units of 3 or 5m. These units of length are referred to as bays
  • Most smaller structures below 18m in width are built out of 3m bays of length. Above 18m most are on 5m bays of length.
  • So if your space for the marquee is divisible by 3m units then the marquee should fit easily. For example 12m wide by 21m long. (note all lengths are able to divide by 3m)
  • Although it is technically possible to have 3m and 5m bays in the same marquee this is really a custom made order, in practice marquee companies don’t mix and match the bay sizes.
  • There is a leg every 3m on a 3m bay structure (by far the most common structures)
  • So on a 9m x 9m structure there would be 12 legs. 4 down each side and 2 at each end. This gives 1 leg every 3m around the edge of the frame.
  • Each leg needs a 1m stake to hold it down or a weight or direct bolting (if there is absolutely no way of staking)

Clearspan Marquee Interior set for a meal

Clearspan Marquee Hire Prices:-

  • With Marquee Pricing, everything is charged per SqM – and the price per SqM is dependant on the width. So 9m is less than 12m which is less than 15m and so on. (So if you have a 9m Marquee it will be cheaper per SqM than a 12m wide Marquee)
  • The size of the Marquee and therefore the SqM is decided mainly on how many guests you are hoping to have and what you are planning on doing inside the Marquee.
  • For example if you were having a 40th Birthday Party then you would be asked how many guests and are you planning on having a sit down meal, or more of a drinks reception. Then do you need space for a Band or Disco with dancing and a Bar and a catering preparation area, etc
  • From all this information, the marquee company will then calculate the size that you might need.


This is how WE would do it:

  • If you are having a sit down meal, Band / Disco with dancing and a Bar area with a Catering prep area (a standard wedding or 40th birthday party) then you will need 2 SqM per person. So based on 100 guests you will need a 200 SqM structure. (2 SqM per person is generous, but it’s better to have slightly too much space than not enough)
  • We will now look at what we have available on your date from our stock. We would probably recommend a 9m x 21m Marquee for this event.
  • Why do some companies suggest a 12m wide Marquee when a 9m would do? Well usually because they only have 12m in stock for your date.
  • If you were not having a sit down meal then the space needed would be 1 SqM per person. So in this case of 100 guests and dancing you would need a 9 x 12m.
  • You can easily see that a 9 x 12m is considerably smaller than a 9 x 21m so by not having the sit down the meal you are halving the size needed.

frame marquee lighting











In the three years I’ve been doing this event Friday was undoubtedly the most successful thanks to your hard work, planning and organisation. All the elements came together extremely well: bar, music, marquees, lighting, fireworks, organisation and the overall smooth running of everything. Thank you all very much indeed once again, it was a really superb night – Mat, Malvern College

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