Which Marquee to Hire – Stretch, Dome, Pagoda or Frame?

Which Marquee to Hire – Stretch, Dome, Pagoda or Frame?

No idea what we are going on about, don’t worry!  We have lots of different types of Marquee which can all be used individually or or as a combination to make your party unique and as special as it can be.

This is our quick guide to our basic marquee structures and what kind of parties they are best for as often our clients don’t realise the difference between all the structures we offer. Ultimately, the best marquee will be the one that works for your event – if the marquee doesn’t suit what you are trying to achieve it will upset the rest of the party planning – our experienced Event organisers can advise you on this during a site visit to see what will work best but here is a quick run through of the main structures:


If you want something really different and exciting then a stretch marquee might be for you.  They come in different colours and look incredible and can be adapted for all sorts of different events. Perfect , book it now?!  The only problem with the Stretch marquees is they are almost impossible to heat so are really only suitable for events during the summer when, fingers crossed, the weather will stay nice for everyone!

Stretch Marquee Garden Party

Stretch Marquee Garden Party


Dome marquees are really popular for our 18th Birthday parties.  We use a combination of Dome and Chinese Hat marquees to make a really exciting party.  We can pretty much do any party size in these but it is important to note that they are similar to the stretch marquees in their ability to hold heat so are best in the summer rather than the winter months.

Dome Marquee by the Lake

Dome Marquee by the Lake

Chinese Hats:

Most of our parties include chinese hats in some way or another.  They can be used to make up the whole event or they can be used as entrances, outdoor seating areas or separate chill out spaces.  Have a look at some of theses links to show you how they can be used together.  Chinese Hats are also really easy to light up, especially with fairy lights and colour changing flood lights.


DSC_6147 photo DSC_6183


Frame Marquee’s are the most popular and versatile of all the marquees that we supply although lots of people are worried that their event will look too much like a wedding- unless of course you are getting married!  The frame marquees allow us to make pretty much any size we like and using clear sections they can look fantastic.  The frame marquees can also be lined with starcloth to create the mobile nightclub looks as shown in some of the photos on the website.

Still not sure? Get in touch with us today on our Contact page to discuss your event and what would work best for you.

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