Planning a Party but Don’t Know Where to Start?

Planning a Party but Don’t Know Where to Start?

Whatever your celebration, a Great 18th or a Wedding Anniversary, we know that you want it to be as special as possible.  At Capability Events we specialise in taking the stress out of your event and ensure that you just have to do is turn up looking fabulous ready to entertain your guests.

Party House Lighting


So, you have decided you want to have a party and you must have found Capability Events because you are reading this, but where to next?!  Firstly and most importantly, we need to figure out where we are going to put your party.  Most of our events are produced in gardens and all we require is an area of flat grass in order to construct a marquee.  Don’t worry if you don’t have this as we have done many innovative parties in other areas, often on tennis courts!


You would be forgiven for thinking that “when” seems like a strange point to make here but when you are holding your party is really important for Capability Events to know.  We organise events all year round from the height of summer to the depths of winter but the way in which we design your party will be very different depending on when you have it.  Some of the marquees which we feature are just not suitable for the winter, unless you want your guests freezing, but we can plan around this and plan brilliant parties without any compromise on the look of your event.


This is the bit you really don’t need to worry about as we will design, produce and event manage your event leaving you to just turn up and enjoy yourself! That said, this is your party and we want to make it as personal as we possibly can, so let us know your ideas and themes.  We will always come and visit you before we book an event and make sure that we all agree on what your party or event is going to be like.  This can be a great opportunity for Capability Events to get to know you and talk through your event.

LED Lit marquee

What next?:

Get in touch with us, lots of the weekends, especially in the summer book up quite quickly but that doesn’t mean we can’t fit you in if your party is soon.  We will then arrange for a visit to come and see you and work out how your party is going to look, then all you have to do is sit back and let us do all the hard work!

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