Launch Event Lighting For the Dormy House Hotel and Spa VIP Launch

Need your Brand Launch Event Lighting to stand out from the crowd?

We provided the launch event lighting for Dormy House Hotel and Spa which is a beautiful, Cotswold hotel and spa that has recently undergone a £10 million pound refurbishment. Dormy approached us to help out with the event lighting effects at the launch event to enhance and showcase the improvements to ensure that they were looking their best.


Using wash and coloured flood lights we lit the front of the house and the surrounding areas including the large trees in the driveway to ensure the guests got the full effect of the VIP launch of the new hotel. As you can see from the images below, our coloured and wash lighting can add a dramatic and stunning effect to a large building, trees, and the surrounding grass.


We also used a ‘Gobo’ which projected the newly designed Dormy House logo onto the front of the building. Gobos can be used with the majority of logos and can be used internally and externally as long as there is space for setting up the lighting equipment.  They are great for corporate events and gaining exposure for brands and companies, Gobo lighting is fantastic at highlighting the branding of a company, it naturally attracts the attention of the visitors to the brand and logo of the company.

Gobo’s are very popular lighting effects and can be used in a range of applications from event lighting to Brand support. Gobos add a unique touch to your lighting effects, with your logo bouncing across the walls, it gives the event a superior, luxurious feel.

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