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Every Great Event Needs A Great Mobile Bar

Capability Events were one of the first suppliers of  Mobile Bars – and we believe are still the best. We are certainly still the BIGGEST.

We supply Mobile Bar Hire for Party Planning and Corporate Events, as well as to the large concerts like Hyde Park Calling and various festivals throughout the UK.

Choosing The Right Mobile Bar For Your Event

At Capability Events a bar is never just a bar.

We have a number of different options, shapes, sizes, colours and configurations to choose from, so you’re sure to be able to find the perfect bar for your perfect event. Whether you are just hiring the bar units from us, or are looking for a fully managed bar service, this is the place to start.

All the Mobile Bars you see on this page are available to hire for your event, or if we are running your event for you, we will also run the bar for you, providing all the equipment, bar stock, staff and even the ice!

Down Lit Mobile Bar Hire

Our gloss downlit bars look great at all events. They are suitable for the smartest events and combined with our mirrored back bars they create a professional looking bar in any location.  All of Capability Events Bars have space for display fridges built in to them. The bars can be lit in a variety of colours making them suitable for any event and theme and due to the bars modular nature the bars can fit almost any event or configuration.

Mobile Bar Hire Mobile Bar Hire Event Bar Hire Mobile Bar Hire

Round Bar Hire

Our Round bars are really popular for events as they look great and make a fabulous centrepiece for events.  The curved bar sections can be used to create a semi circle or a complete circle as well as being used with Straight bars for large events.  We are able to also created Branded Round Bars for corporate events.

Round Bar Hire Circular Bar Hire  Round Bar Hirerounded bar hire

Branded Bar Hire

Corporate Events often need focal point and their is no better way to get your logo seen than on the front of the bar! We can put almost any image or logo onto the front of the bars. Branding can be attached to straight and round bars depending on the event and your available space.

Branded Bar Hire Exhibition Bar Hire Branded Pop Up Bar Mobile Branded Bar Hire

Themed Bar Hire

The Bar is going to be the centre point to your event, it will be where your guests gather, and probably keep returning to throughout the night so ensuring the bar area and the Bar itself work with the theme of your party is really important.  We have lots of option to make sure your Bar fits with the theme of your party from great lighting, bespoke cocktail menus and even this great Bamboo wrapped bar used here for a Rio themed 18th Birthday Party.

Mobile Bar Hire

Stainless Steel Mobile Bar Hire

Mobile Bar Hire

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