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Amazing shapes and stunning styling from Down Under!


  • Brilliant “Look” – nothing else looks like a Stretch Marquee! It’s a real “stand out” structure
  • Comes in a range of colours including white and tan (no, not together!)
  • Can get into places where other structures can’t
  • Can go over difficult terrain and obstacles
  • As it stretches it can be open at the front and closed around the sides, go over walls, over pools and will fit where other structures will not
  • No interior lining needed
  • Takes light really well both on the interior and exterior

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  • Stretch Marquees were originally designed for Australia and South Africa as sun shades. As they do not have sides they can be very draughty
  • Even though the structure can be pulled down close to the floor around the edges, this reduces the overall size available for use and it does not seal against the floor therefore letting the breeze in
  • The structure needs multiple poles to hold up the roof. Although, unlike traditional and Big Top Marquees, these can be repositioned
  • It’s important to understand that these Stretch Marquees are complete blackout so no light passes through. They can be very dark inside if the roof comes down to the floor (to make the walls). You will need lighting
  • They need staking down. There are guy ropes which can be pegged down into grass or bolted down to tarmac or concrete. They cannot be weighted down, the structure requires pulling tight before the interior poles are inserted. So if you can’t bolt or stake you will need to choose a different structure.
  • Once positioned and set up the structure cannot be changed. So you can’t just pull the sides down if the weather changes. You have to make your decision at the install and stick with it

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More Detailed Information:-

  • Almost all guests will not have seen or been in a Stretch Marquee before – giving it real WOW! Factor
  • Stretch Marquees are made from a Lycra type material
  • Imagine a large rectangle of stretchy tights spread out on your garden, tied down at the edges then aluminium poles pushed up from underneath to form the event space
  • The poles can be repositioned allowing them to go around objects like swimming pools, plants or seating
  • The poles can be different lengths which can make the roof sweep up and down
  • Stretch Marquees need either stakes to hold it down or eye bolts into buildings or hardstanding (concrete or tarmac)
  • It’s important to understand Stretch Marquee sizes. Take a size of 10 x 15m, This is the size of the piece of material, this one piece of material makes the roof and walls if you choose to have it pulled down to the ground
  • With all other types of structure you can use every SqM of space you book. With a stretch you lose some of the SqM if the roof comes down to the floor
  • Stretch Marquees are really sun shades, so in the UK you could be cold in this structure. Heating and sides are usually needed. Basically they are fantastic on a warm summers evening – cold and draughty for the other 364 days of the UK weather! As can be seen from the picture below the sides can be very open

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Stretch Marquee Pricing:-

  • Stretch Marquees are priced per SqM – rather than per structure
  • But be careful that you cover what needs covering. Remember that if you space is 10 x 15m and you want to bring it down at the sides then you will need a structure larger than 10 x 15m
  • Per SqM they compare very favourably with Frame Marquees especially as they don’t need interior linings

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We can’t thank you all enough for giving us such a great party. Everyone really enjoyed it – especially us and you made it all so effortless. Thank you. We were really spoilt having you there and we will highly recommend you to anyone and everyone. You totally understood what we wanted and managed to deliver it – Georgie Jevons, Hampshire

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