Marquee On A Tennis Court

Hold A Marquee Party on Your Tennis Court

  • Absolutely No Damage
  • Perfect Surface for a Professional Finish
  • No Drilling, Fixings, Peg, Stakes. Just Water Weights
  • We are experts at converting your Tennis Court into the perfect venue

Having a party on your tennis court might not have been top of the list of venues when you started thinking about having a Marquee in your garden, but they are the perfect surface for a Great Garden Party.


Marquee on a Tennis Court Wedding marquee on a tennis court Putting a marquee on your tennis court Marquee built on a tennis court
Tennis Courts look great for any Marquee Party

They can also save you money:

  1. They provide a solid flat surface – meaning you don’t need to shell out for lot of hard flooring.
  2. They have plenty of space – even for events with up to 300 guests.
  3. We can create great entrances as guests arrive to the party – creating an incredible wow factor!
  4. There is no damage to the surface of the tennis court – all we need is for the net to be taken down.
  5. You can hold a party at any time of year without having to worry about the damage to your lawn or the mud that might be created – most tennis courts are well drained so even if it pours the party will go on!

Great for Super Smart Parties

Having an event on a tennis court can also mean that you are able to have a drinks reception on the hard surface meaning ladies in heel won’t be sinking in to the grass.  We also have numerous ways of lighting the tennis courts so that your guests will never even know that is where they are!

Looks Amazing

At many tennis court marquee parties, especially in the summer, we can carpet the entire surface of the court and keep one side of the marquee open, creating a flowing, relaxed party feel.  If the temperature drops later in the evening, we will be on hand to put the walls on the marquee and ensure that none of your guests get cold.

Inside a marquee built on a tennis court Entrance to a marquee on a tennis court Dancefloor on a tennis court in a marquee Stunning Marquees on a tennis court

How we do it

Marquees on Tennis courts will need securing in some way but we normally do this by fixing them to points outside of the court or using water weights. Before we can quote you for your event we need to come for a no obligation visit to check that your venue is suitable. If you would like us to arrange this please contact us today.  

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