Making your 18th Birthday the one all your friends are talking about!

Make your 18th Birthday the one all your friends talk about!

Ensuring that you have an incredible, stress free 18th Birthday party is what we are here for. We love making sure that your party is the one people are going to talk about for years to come.

Have a look at this party that we recently produced for a client in Hertfordshire to see the kind of thing that we can do for you- just remember all the parties are unique and designed specially with you in mind from the cocktails at the bar to the songs the DJ plays.

So in order of importance…!

The Drink:

Cocktails are what it is all about and no we are not talking Bacardi Breezers! At Capability Events we make sure that you have a bespoke list of cocktails for your party so let us know your favourites.  We can even come up with something just for you.  We also often bring a Cocktail Flairer (like they had that time on Britain’s Got Talent!), because there is no better way than to have your drinks served properly shaken!  Check out the pictures of the different bars that we supply as depending on your theme we can create something really special. For this weekends party we used a really sleek bar, but we have a Carnival themed party in a few weeks where the bar is going to be wrapped in Bamboo… come back for the photos.


The Music:

We work with loads of different DJ’s and know as much as you do that getting the music right is going to make or break your 18th and there is nothing worse than a party where no one dances. That is why we work with a range of top London DJ’s to ensure that your party is going to last until the early hours.  Gentleman George ( played at last weekends party and you can see from the photos how it went down!  We will always make sure that you have had the chance to speak to the DJ booked for you event before the night so that you can make sure that all the music played is what you want.

The Decorations:

So at this party there was a dog in a bow tie (see the pictures) but don’t worry that isn’t compulsory!  At Capability Events we make sure that your party has the wow factor and we can provide all the lighting to make sure that this happens.  Have a look at the website and you should be able to see plenty of examples of the lighting that we do.  We can also theme parties so whether you want a winter wonderland or a Rio Carnival theme we will be able to help.


The Rest of the Night:

Once everyone has arrived, got a drink and appreciated the amazing setting for your party we will ensure that the rest of the night goes amazingly for you.  We will be on site throughout to ensure that you don’t have to worry about any problems and once your dad has finished making that embarrassing speech we will hurry him of to the bar to keep out of your way!  Once everyone has finished for the night we will have a quick tidy up, close up the marquee and come back in the morning to clear up.  Leaving you to remember the night before without having to go picking up glasses!

For a quote for a night you will not remember but that you’ll never forget get in touch on our Contact page.


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