Dramatic Effective Lighting to Showcase Your Luxury Event

Outdoor lighting effects at a hotel

Great lighting can transform any special occasion.

No venue is too large or too small to come alive with expert event lighting. Party lights, event lighting and marquee lighting are our specialities. We never tire of creating stunning and sumptuous spectacles of light at every event we organise.

As experts at lighting events and parties we use the latest technology and the best lighting techniques to illuminate your special occasion. We can light your event to your design or create original lighting effects to suit your party theme.

LIGHTING TIP – LED lighting provides fantastic colour-changing capabilities as well as offering a drastic reduction in the power needed to produce such magical lighting effects.

Dormy House night lighting

Let your guests see your event in a new light

Expert event planning takes in every detail and lighting is a key element that can add magic and joy to any special occasion. Capability has the expertise to transform the way your guests see and experience your particular party or event.

Using waterproof fixtures and power distribution we can light up any building or feature. We can style the lighting to suit your party theme while for sponsored events we can project corporate colours and company logos to increase brand awareness.

Capability can light all kinds of buildings, gardens or outdoor space -  large or small. We liaise with country houses and landmark properties to produce lighting that reflects a building’s grandeur while protecting the fabric of the structure.

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