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Moet & Chandon branded dome marquee at a corporate event
Illuminated dome marquees by night

Heavyweight Dome Marquee Hire

For the ultimate in flexible space creation these heavyweight contenders are proving a very popular option.  We are really excited to be one of the first event companies in the UK to have these amazing Heavyweight Dome Marquees within our hire range. These heavyweight domes offer the ultimate in flexible space solutions as they can be used alone or linked together with a central ‘hexadome’ to provide a wide variety of layout options.

What makes these domes unique is their very strong construction. Unlike traditional lighter-weight domes, the internal structure can be used to support lighting, video screens, speakers and heating, etc. This makes them ideal for corporate events, exhibitions and brand activations as well as private parties.

Putting it all together for maximum effect

Each Heavyweight Dome is 6m x 6m and, depending on your needs, they can be used alone, in multiples, or linked to create an even more sizeable venue. For larger events a central six-sided hexadome (10m x 12m) can be linked to multiple domes to provide a very spacious layout.

These domes can be fully enclosed with fitted sidewalls to keep the weather out. They can also be totally customised with digitally-printed panels which makes them ideal for pop-up promotional events and ensures your company or brand stands out.

Heavyweight Dome Marquee Key Features:

  • Robust, storm-proof construction using top quality steel, aluminium and fabric materials.
  • Fully closable with solid sidewalls for weather protection.
  • Can be customised with digitally-printed covers and sidewalls.
  • Interconnectable to give numerous configurations for all types of social or corporate event.
  • Can support up to 400kg suspended from purpose-built rigging points to mount lights, speakers, heaters, TV screens etc.
  • Quick and easy installation plus TUV certified.

Download a pdf about Heavyweight Domes

Dome marquee party

Lightweight Dome Marquee Hire

Our original Dome Marquees are always popular and will certainly make your event stand out. Perfect for when you want your guests to go ‘wow!’ Domes provide a very different look, creating a great talking point among guests.

Particularly useful as a lightweight alternative to larger and heavier marquees, these domes can be carried to almost any garden or roof terrace. They are also modular which means they can be connected with other Dome Marquees to create larger spaces.

Dome marquee with dancefloor at a summer party

These Dome Marquees are made from a light tubular framework attached to a solid wooden floor which is heavy enough to hold the marquee in position. A light white PVC canvas roof is then pulled over the frame to create the attractive domed shape.

Dome Marquees are really only a summer structure. While waterproof they are difficult to heat in winter due to their lightweight nature. Even in summer we recommend heating as an overcast day or cold night can soon chill these non-insulated domes.

Partygoers inside a dome marquee

Dome Marquee Key Features

  • Dome Marquees have an elegant appearance and are relatively easy to assemble.
  • Lightweight structure allows them to be used in any garden – or even assembled on a roof terrace.
  • Modular square forms available in 3m x 3m, 6m x 6m or 9m x 9m units – all of which are interconnectable.
  • Includes an attractive varnished wooden floor that can also be carpeted.
  • Does not need to be staked down as the floor panels hold the Dome Marquee in position.
  • Dome Marquees can look extremely effective when illuminated at night.
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