Clearspan Marquee Hire for your Corporate Event or Party

Tables set for lunch inside a marquee
Marquee in summer under trees

This spacious marquee is an excellent year-round choice for all types of social and corporate event.

Clearspan Marquees are the most familiar type of marquee that you are likely to imagine. They are also the most flexible and versatile form of tented structure with almost unlimited possibilities as regards their size and use which is why they remain so popular.

This style of marquee has no internal poles which means you can maximise the use of space. They are strong and suitably weatherproof to be used all year round and are the best type of tent if you want to theme or brand your event in any major way.

Marquee with piano centrepiece and clear roof

Traditional marquees prove highly versatile

Clearspan Marquees are assembled according to 3m or 5m bays. Most structures below 18m in width are built from 3m bays while larger structures can be assembled from 5m bays to create the necessary size you require for your event and number of guests.

These marquees can be set up on virtually any surface although ideally they need to be staked down. If you can’t use stakes the marquee will need weighing down and the weights tend to be very bulky and hard to conceal.

Seated partygoers at a party in a marquee

Clearspan Marquee Key Features:

  • Modular in form so that any length and width can be created to suit the size and nature of your event.
  • Produces a very smart, traditional marquee appearance that makes maximum use of interior space.
  • Interior spaces can be styled to suit any client specification.
  • Flooring can be anything from grass to solid boards or even a suspended floor over a swimming pool.
  • Clearspan Marquees can accommodate real doors and windows as well as solid sides and hard floors
Pagoda marquees at a festival party
Pagoda marquees at a garden party

Pagoda marquees

Pagoda Marquees can be used as standalone structures, as entrances to bigger marquees, or added to clearspan marquees to create visual variety.  They look magnificent at any event with their elegant peaked roofs creating an almost oriental appearance.   Pagodas can also be placed together to create multi-room spaces which are ideal for sporting occasions or to provide chill-out zones at parties.

The pagoda marquee is basically a small frame marquee with a peaked roof that shares many of its components with the traditional clearspan marquee. This structure makes it very strong and versatile with the ability to incorporate solid doors and walls.  

Pagoda marquees are nearly always square – typically 3m x 3m or 6m x 6m – and use a heavier PVC fabric than standard Dome Marquees. This makes them weatherproof and easier to heat so they can be used for a wide variety of events at all times of year.

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