Fox Rocks – Charity Fundraising Ball

Once a year, we put our heads together and come up with the incredible spectacular that is…


With 700 of our closest friends (ok, we sell a few tickets to friends of friends!) we organise the party of the year, combining the best parts of all the events we have run in the previous year, we have the best bands, the best food and the best entertainment.


The Fox Rocks event was held in a Big Top Circus Tent, which provided room for the 700 guests to have a delicious sit down meal but also enough room for the Stage and Dancefloor.

Lighting on the Dancefloor

Fox Rocks guests were entertained during dinner by a fabulous fire show before Rick Parfitt Jnr and Band kicked off the party.


Fox Rocks also raises an incredible amount for local causes and can be easily developed for a number of events. If you are thinking of holding a similar Big Top Ball there is a few things that need to be considered:

  1. You need space – lots of it. Big Tops are huge and are only suitable for events over 500 guests – for smaller events you would be better with a Frame Marquee – they are more suitable.
  2. Big Tops need to be staked down – this means they will severely damage the surface on which they are being built – we can put them on car parks but you need to be aware that the surface will be damaged. There is nothing we can do about this.
  3. If this is a Charity Event you need to be aware that there will be a significant outlay before you start to get anything back.  It is also a big risk – you need have a fairly good idea of how many tickets you are going to sell – probably at a minimum of £100 per head.

However – these can be legendary events and have the potential to raise huge amounts of money.  If you are considering putting on a similar event please get in touch to speak to our expert event organisers to discuss the options for your Charity Fundraising Ball.

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