Party Entertainment – 4 Tips To Entertain Your Guests

4 Tips To Entertain Your Guests

You may have booked your marquee, organised the food and ordered the drink but what are you going to do with your guests once they arrive? 18th and 21st Birthday party entertainment is easy as the excitement for the evening will carry through to the early hours but often 30th, 40th and 50th Birthday parties need a little more structure.  Here are our tips for a successful event:

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1. Structure your Evening:

This doesn’t mean having a military schedule that you must force your guests to abide by but have a rough ideas of when you are going to serve drinks and food. Ask your caterer how long each course or part of your catering is likely to take. If you are having finger food, stagger it throughout the evening so people can pick and choose when they eat. This will also break up your event and people can mill around between courses. Think about bringing out different drinks later in the evening so people don’t get bored. Capability Events Ltd can help you to plan a range of different drink options from reception drinks, wine and champagne and cocktails for later in the evening.

2. Plan the Music:

Make sure the music choices reflect the mood of the party.  At Capability Events we always get our DJ’s to contact the clients at least 2 weeks before the party to make sure that we are all on the same page regarding the music choices. If you are booking your own DJ, try and always go through recommendations of friends, rather than an internet search as otherwise you are leaving it down to pure chance!  A great way to start the party is with a band.  Try and find a band that has a good reputation and more to their repertoire than just covers.  Again using recommendations you should be able to find a band that will do several different sets.  Lots of bands will DJ for you as well during their set breaks.

3. Organise Some Party Entertainment:

Casino tables are a great addition for Birthday Party entertainment but they don’t work as well at 18th Birthday parties but we regularly book casinos for 21st and 40th Birthdays parties, especially when there isn’t going to be formal sit down meal. Casino tables are great party entertainment as they allow your guests to get as involved as they like and they can engage at different points in the evening.  Most good casino companies will provide all the equipment for the event but make sure that they come with a professional croupier as well.  This means you can have a stress free evening assured that your guests will be entertained.

4. Relax!

Let Capability Events and our Event Managers worry about the finer details while you enjoy the event.  We will make sure every one of your guests is welcomed to your party and gets a drink on their arrival, leaving you to relax and enjoy the event rather than worrying about what needs to be done.  Even better, we will clear up and return your garden to normal after the event, letting you nurse the hangovers and reminisce about the great night that was!

Get in touch now with Capability Events to book your event.  Weekends are filling up fast so reserve your date now by contacting us here.

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