Cotswold Barn Parties – Making The Most of Your Event Space

Transforming Barns Into Perfect Parties

Did you know that we also organise and plan barn parties? Here at Capability Events we don’t just do Marquee parties. We can change any space into a fabulous party, however rustic or abandoned it is! Many of our clients have outbuildings or barns at home, that they want to use for a barn party but are not sure where to start. Our event managers have the skills and vision to transform any space into a fabulous party space for Birthdays or Weddings.

You may be surprised by how we can transform old buildings into amazing barn parties. In this case the client was lucky enough to have the perfect venue for their 21st party at their parents home in the Cotswolds… a falling down barn! We know at first this doesn’t sound like everyone’s perfect party venue but with a little bit of Capability Events’ magic, we were able to turn this into “the best party” some of the guests had ever attended.

With any of our barn parties, the first challenge was to work out how best to utilise the barn to get the most out of the space and to work out which areas would be best suited to the different elements of the party.  We needed a dance area, bar and chill out area, a dining area, and of course the boring bit, a backstage area for the caterers to whip up a delicious two-course dinner.  

Luckily, although this barn was a little on the rough and ready side, it had three main areas which we connected together with some specially made staircases in order for guests and staff to easily move between them, we will do whatever it takes to make our barn parties perfect for our clients.

The first area was at the front of the barn, where we created a fantastic red carpet walkway into the event. This was completed with two Gas Flambeaux’s on either side of the entrance to give the perfect location for a selfie at the start of the night. We also set up two patio heaters to ensure there was a warm area for guests to smoke or simply take some time out from the dancing!

VIP Barn Party Treatment

Guests were met at the entrance to the party with a glass of champagne before moving into the bar area. In this area we set up a semi circular bar and decorated the room with a brightly coloured carpet. Due to the barn being fairly run down, we draped the entire bar and dance area ceiling with a Black LED Starcloth ceiling, which gave the whole venue an amazing nightclub atmosphere and turned an old barn into an incredible event space. Guests were served delicious canapés before being invited down the specially made steps to join the barn area to the dining area.

The wonderful chefs from Relish, Cheltenham, served slow cooked lamb and roasted veg to the guests who devoured it  – 90{988fac53562814d06340ab789251dacf0f7749e56770c02d82344c969eda7831} of the guests were hockey players and had very healthy appetites after their games that day!

Guests were seated at long wooden tables with wooden benches in the dining area of the barn, which was perfectly in keeping with the rustic atmosphere of the surrounding barn. This area was up-lit with colour changing LED lights which meant the client was able to choose the best colour for her party and these lights work fantastically in a venue like this, as they can be easily moved around to highlight the beautiful cotswold stone walls.

We also set up a large projector screen on the wall of the barn, so that the friends and family could do as much as possible to embarrass the Birthday girl! A fairly easy task for this particular party with drunken stories from University and a quick game of “never have I ever”! After the speeches the guests were served a yummy pudding before moving back through to the bar area to hit the Gin and Tonics. We always make sure there is a full bar to cater for all tastes but Gin was definitely the order of the day, followed by plenty of shots!  

Guests danced the night away to one of our incredible DJ’s who kept the party going until well into the night helped along by the bacon sandwiches we cooked up and served at about 2AM.

If you have a space you are looking to turn into a great party venue, for one night only contact us now for some free advice and guidance on what can be done.

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