Party Catering Ideas – For Deliciously Successful Party

Here is a no fail guide to choosing the best catering options and the best party catering ideas for your event and there is not a hog roast in sight!

Do it Yourself – 18th Birthday party catering ideas!

Having paid out for a Marquee, Dancefloor and DJ you may not be wanting to feed hundreds of hungry 18 year olds as well and often the party goers don’t really want to eat! So here’s some party catering ideas you may like to try! We have found that trays of sausages cooked by the parents and brought out around 10-11pm are incredibly popular. Food served earlier is often not touched until they realise how hungry they are after 3 hours of drinking and dancing!


A mobile stone baked pizzeria is a great catering option for a midrange budget. For around £10 per head they will produce pizzas from their mobile catering unit allowing your guests to eat as they wish.  From experience guests at 18th’s tend not to eat till later if there is a casual catering option as they are more interested in our delicious Capability Cocktails!  Having the thincrust Pizzas provides a casual option to allow guests to pick and choose when they eat and they are not too heavy for people to eat on the move, meaning the party can continue!!  They are also really popular at 30th Birthdays where the party is a bit more casual and you want your guests to feel relaxed.

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Some of our party catering ideas

Bowl Food

Bowl food is a great option for 21st, 30th and 40th Birthday parties where you want to guests to get a proper meal but don’t want the formality, or the cost, of a sit down meal.  We have some great caterers who can produce delicious options.  Often the caterers will prepare and cook the food in the marquee in front of the guests as this is a great spectacle and talking point for the guests.  This is also a great option if you are theming your party as the bowl food is really flexible both for the options you can serve and the guests choices of what they want to eat.

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To give you party catering ideas – Here’s a previous photo of our chefs in action.

Formal Meals

Deciding on whether or not to have a formal meal can sometimes be tricky and as with all things there will be advantages and disadvantages to whatever you choose.  It is important to think of the type of event you are having before you decide.   Most 18th’s tend to be cocktail parties and it is more than likely all the guests will be over excited and want to get on with the festivities without sitting for too long!  However at an 18th recently we used Orchard Catering ( to serve a tapas style meal with sharing bowls in the centre of the table.  This allowed guests  to pick and choose what they want to eat and is a bit more engaging than traditional 3 course meals.  Most 21st we do tend to be formal sit down meals and we have lots of great caterers that ensure your food will be as delicious as we can possibly make it.   With all our parties we will make sure that you have spoken to the caterer in advance of the party to discuss your options and make sure you love everything on the menu…after all it is your party!

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Party catering ideas to suit all tastes and diets


Most of our parties are fully managed so we will walk you through booking your catering and deciding what is best for your event please get in touch on our Contact page.