Moroccan themed 21st birthday party

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A spectacular, end of summer Indian-themed 21st birthday party

We recently ran the most incredible Indian-themed 21st birthday party recently and were lucky to have the most amazing weather for the event courtesy of the beautiful Indian summer. This was a proper 21st from dusk till dawn for 140 guests!

The birthday girls’ parents were also celebrating their wedding anniversary, so whilst a party with your parents might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you’re planning your 21st, it can be a really nice way to bring a huge range of family and friends together to enjoy the party.

As well as the opulent Indian-themed marquees, there were yurts for those wanting to stay over, or for a mid-party power nap.

Guests were greeted with bubbles and canapés, followed by a delicious 3 course sit-down meal, a cheese banquet, dancing, bucking bronco and bacon rolls and pastries for the dawn survivors. Now that’s how to do a 21st.

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What they said

We must have done something right in life to have the most perfect night for a party last Friday. We and all our guests, have very special memories of India’s party. There was a magical feel to the evening and the next morning. Thank you for all your input and experience to ensure that the whole event was a total success.

Mrs Blake

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