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Dormy House restaurant launch

We were tasked with creating something to visually wow guests at the launch party of two new restaurants at Dormy House - The Back Garden and MO.

The stunning Dormy House Hotel in the Cotswolds recently launched not one, but two incredible new restaurants - The Back Garden and MO, both designed to showcase creative cooking from sustainable and seasonal ingredients, many of which are grown in their own ‘back garden’. 

We were tasked with creating something to visually wow the 300 guests at the launch party in February.  With beautiful new branding for both The Back Garden and MO, we made custom gobos to project the logos on to the front of the building, set off by two dramatic flambeaux’s to provide a real focal point as people arrived. 

As the gardens are key to both restaurants’ ethos we created a lighting spectacle to dazzle and delight diners.  The centrepiece was a rotating mirrorball, placed in the centre of the garden to cast sparkling light throughout the area.  From this, pea lighting and fairy lights were draped to each corner of the garden, with more flambeaux’s for added effect.

The garden created a real talking point with diners and set off the new restaurants perfectly. 

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