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Terms and Conditions of Business

Below are our standard terms and conditions. These are published here as an example of what to expect when you book an event with us. Please note that your actual terms my differ from those shown below and that some terms are not relevant to some bookings. For example if you are just hiring bean bags from us we would not require you to feed our staff!

The main advice is to read the terms on your contract to fully understand what you are signing up to.

1.      Capability Events Ltd (CEL) always seeks to make our terms of business clear and simple. We want your event to pass off smoothly and to everyone’s delight. It is necessary to have terms and conditions as you have entered into a contract with CEL to provide you with our services or equipment. It is important that you read every point below and that you understand that we only seek to be fair in all our dealings with you.

2.      Capability Events Ltd are hereafter referred to as CEL and yourself as the client.

3.      A contract will be deemed to have been made between Capability Events Ltd and the client when client has confirmed their wish to book either verbally by telephone or in writing by email, fax or letter. The booking will be deemed as accepted by Capability Events Ltd by the issuing of booking form and/or invoice.

A booking will also confirm acceptance of Capability Events Ltd’s terms and conditions.

4.      A non-refundable deposit of 40% of total event balance (or whatever is agreed in writing) must be paid within 7 days of the booking. The final balance is due in cleared funds at least 14 days prior to event date.

Should a booking is placed within 30 days of event date, the full balance must be paid immediately.

Failure to comply may result in the client’s booking being cancelled and them being liable for the total event balance.

5.      Any notice of cancellation by the client must be in writing and sent by Royal Mail Recorded Delivery to Capability Events Ltd.

6.      In the event of a cancellation by the client the following charges will apply:

Within 60 days prior to event- 50% of total cost
Within 30 days prior to event- 75% of total cost
Within 14 days prior to event- 100% of total cost

The percentages listed above refer to the total balance of the booking. However, the deposit will be forfeited in full regardless of whether or not it is more than the percentage due.

7.      Capability Events Ltd reserves the right to cancel, alter or delay any booking where forced to do so by circumstances beyond our control. Specifically severe weather conditions, loss or damage to equipment by fire, storm, act of God and any other circumstances which would subject Capability Events Ltd, any of its employees or any of its participants to danger.

8.      In the event of any circumstances beyond our control, apart from those outlined in 7 above, preventing us from being able to fulfil our contracted obligations, Capability Events Ltd’s liability shall be limited to a refund of any monies paid in relation to the contracted event or a pro-rata reduction of hire fee in the event of a delayed start.

No further compensation will be paid to the client irrespective of any loss of earnings.

9.      Access to the event area or site must be provided to Capability Events Ltd. All bookings are based upon the assumption that the equipment installation site is at the same height as the parking. Also that the event site is level, with firm ground, free from flooding, concealed cabling or drains and overhead obstructions. There should be reasonable vehicular access and provision for staff parking while on site. The client must advise Capability Events Ltd of any access issues particularly mud, soft ground, steps, stairs, lifts or restricted access due to loading restrictions, parking restrictions, red routes, no unloading / loading areas, double yellow lines within your loading area. CEL cannot be held responsible for any delay in fulfilling your contract due to your venues lack of access. *NB This also includes stairs, ramps and lifts that are not mentioned by client upon booking.

9.1     Capability Events Ltd cannot accept responsibility for damage to underground pipes or cables. The client should ensure we are made aware of these before the erection of any marquee or associated equipment..

9.2     Any extra costs incurred due to parking charges, fines or lack of access to site will be billed to client. Any additional costs incurred during the period of the event must be paid in full within seven days of the event. You must understand that sometimes, particularly in London it is impossible to deliver and install your booked equipment without incurring a parking fine. If you talk to Capability Events Ltd before we arrive at your event about any access restrictions or parking problems we can normally arrange to deliver without incurring a parking fine.

9.3     The delivery and collection times stated on a client’s booking form are the hours that we can access an event for set up or break down.

10.    Capability Events Ltd holds no responsibility for failure of electric power provided by the client/venue/site.

11.    The client will provide food for the Event Managers and staff from Capability Events Ltd if said staff are on site for more than 4 hours.

12.    Capability Events Ltd reserves the right to remove any person who they deem to be a danger to the safety or enjoyment of others. In this case no refund will be given. Any additional costs and responsibility involving removing the participant will lie with the client.

13.    Equipment, once sited, will not be moved. Ensure that you advise our staff accurately where you want them to set up. The client must not interfere with or adjust the equipment in any way.

14.    Any damages must be reported to Capability Events Ltd immediately. The client is responsible for the safe custody of Capability Events Ltd’s equipment from its arrival on site until its removal. In the event of any damages caused by participants to property or equipment of Capability Events Ltd, except by fair wear and tear, the client will be charged the full replacement cost.

15.    Glasses that are supplied on a hire basis are entirely at the responsibility of the client once they are on site. Lost or broken glasses will be billed for post event at £1.00 per glass.

16.    Any drink stock that has been bought and delivered to site on behalf of the client is solely the client’s responsibility whilst it is on site. Capability Events Ltd will, of course take reasonable care of stock, however the ultimate security rests with the client. Any damage or loss of stock is the responsibility of the client unless otherwise specified prior to the event.

17.    We carry our own event insurance included within our services. If any incidents occur the necessary authorities (Fire, Police, Ambulance) must be contacted within 24 hours. Clients must also notify Capability Events Ltd in writing. Failure to do this invalidates the insurance.

18.    Unless specified by the client, Capability Events Ltd may take photographs and video on site prior, during and post the event. These stills and footage will remain the property of Capability Events to use as they so wish in the promotion of Capability Events Ltd.

19.    Capability Events Ltd will be responsible for rubbish collection from behind the bars only. We will then place this rubbish in bags to the rear of the bar. We will not remove rubbish from site unless agreed in writing prior to the event. All other rubbish on site is the responsibility of the client unless previously agreed in writing.

20.    Unless agreed in writing prior to the event date, no items may be left outside without cover at any time.

21.    When hiring bars, the Client must ensure that floor surfaces are completely flat. Failure to do this will result in the bar units being uneven and the units not lining up.

22.    Although we are insured for damage, public liability and employer’s liability we would highly recommend that you take out event insurance that covers you personally. This will help to prevent you from being out of pocket should you need to cancel or postpone the event. This costs a lot less than you would think. We suggest that you Google “event insurance” and speak to several companies to get a competitive quote.

23.    English Law and Capability Events Ltd shall govern the contract of these terms and conditions and the client hereby submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts in all matters regarding the contracts and the above terms and conditions.




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