Professional 18th Birthday Party Planners

We are THE 18th Experts, Over 100 Parties a Year

What we do:-

  • Transform Your Garden into a Spectacular Marquee 18th Birthday Party
  • Design Each Party specifically for you. We take your ideas and make them a reality
  • Build each event, Run the party with our specialist DJ’s, Bar Staff and Event Manager
  • Take it all down and Clear Up – Even removing the rubbish
  • We are a complete One Stop Solution
  • Supply Everything for a Great 18th Party

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Why Choose Us?

  • We are Expert 18th Birthday Party Planners. We are a Professional Event Organising Company
  • We specialise in organising and running complete 18th Birthday Parties from start to finish.
  • We Remove the Hassle and Worry, add in design flair and experience for a great 18th Birthday Party.
  • We do all the Clearing Up, we even remove the rubbish leaving your garden as we found it.

View our 18th Birthday Party Blog

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Top 5 Items We Supply For 18th Birthdays:-

  1. Stunning Marquees – Pagodas, Frame or Dome in your Garden
  2. Amazing Cocktail Bars
  3. Brilliant Mobile Nightclubs
  4. Tasty Street Food and Mobile Catering
  5. Expert Event Management

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How to start organising your 18th Birthday Party:-

  1. Choose a Date -  Without a date you can’t get accurate availability or pricing from suppliers.
  2. Find your venue – We only do 18th Parties in clients gardens in Marquees.
  3. Decide on your guest list – Write it down and stay realistic. Most 18th’s are 80 to 150 guests.
  4. Discuss your initial ideas with others – So Parents – talk to your kids, Kids – talk to your parents!
  5. Think about how much you want to spend –  This is the hardest part. Realistically 18th Parties that we organise range from 5k to 30k. From £100 to £150 per head – depending on your requirements.
  6. Imagine what will happen on the night - Do you want a drink on arrival? Do you want circus acts? Do you want food? Write this all down so you have a specification for your party.
  7. Call or email us!

Chinese Hat Pagoda Entrance Marquee with Fairy Lights Black Starlit Dancefloor Chinese Hat Pagoda Entrance with 18th Birthday Party Marquee with Casino Tables

Notes for Parents Organising a 18th Birthday Party:-

If you’re the Parent, Guardian or – let’s not beat about the bush here – the person paying the bill… we understand a successful party is a balance between your budget and your teenager’s vision of their absolute dream party. We are almost always able to provide a number of practical solutions to make the dream a reality.

We are conscious and experienced in the different needs of each and every 18th party event we organise. From our very first No Obligation Meeting together at your home, until the very last bit of clearing up is done – we take responsibility to be in Full Control throughout every stage of your event.

Part of the success of our parties is in ensuring that the Excess Is Controlled. Allowed to run as it were, but gently reined in before it gets too excited.

We take our responsibility for your offspring very seriously. But they will never know that. We allow them free cocktails and drinks all night but have, shall we say, certain ways of ensuring that the little darlings last till midnight rather than getting tired and emotional by 9pm! We have found it is better to stay in control of the alcohol consumption with expert bar staff  tailoring drinks to the guests than to restrict spirits which only encourages pre drinking and bringing their own spirits to the party. We advise that you allow us to thin the Cocktails, if needed, in order to keep the excess in control. Do Call Ben Leeke to discuss your fears – rest assured he’s done this plenty of times before  – 07590 242526

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Capability Events Ltd specialise in being a one stop solution for great 18th Birthday Parties.

Every great Capability Events 18th Birthday Party starts with one of our stunning Marquees and usually a state-of-the art Mobile Nightclub, top quality DJ and magnificent Cocktail Bar – but after that, the possibilities really are endless.

If you need ideas and inspiration for your very special party, check out just a few of the many previous parties and events we have created in the link below:

View our 18th Birthday Party Blog

I had an unforgettable, once in a lifetime party, and it’s mostly thanks to you lot. I hope I can persuade my parents to give me a 21st as well! But honestly, you’re AWESOME at what you do. Thanks man… – Harry Williams

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How do we do it?

It was just perfect. We had a totally stress free evening (which we were not expecting with an 18th Birthday Party) as we saw how professionally you addressed any small problems which surfaced during the evening. Altogether a fantastic evening which will be remembered by everyone for many years to come – Tina Leach, Surrey




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