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The Perfect Setting and Weather for a Champagne Bar

A Spectacular Centrepiece For Any Event

Our Mobile Round Bars are popular with clients organising Private Parties or Corporate Events. They provide a sensational centrepiece which can be styled to any theme, or branded to any company logo. (See Branded Bars)

Eight units would make a full circle, but we always leave one out to allow for access. Many clients add straight sections on to at least 2 sides, to create a longer bar area with curves at the end.

Round Bars look fantastic in any space, but work particularly well in our Dome Marquees.
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A Round Bar works really well in one of our Dome Marquees

Round Bar Specification

  • Great centrepiece for any event
  • Dimensions:-
    • The full circle is 3.3m in diameter and made of 7 sections. The 8th section is missing to allow staff access
    • 1.2m height
    • 1.3m frontal diameter per unit
    • 450mm in depth (but remember it’s a curve)
    • Very Easily Branded

round bar for weddings

Can be styled or “wrapped” easily to match any party theme


Stunning And Stylish – A Real WOW Factor Bar

  • Mirror finish kick bar
  • On wheels for fast install – Locking castors
  • Brushed Stainless steel finish
  • Looks Great Branded
  • Three Shelves
    • Top shelf for presentation of drinks to customers
    • Middle shelf for drinks preparation, ice and fruit
    • Bottom shelf for stock and glasses storage

round bar cocktail bar

Preparing Cocktails for a Smart Drinks Reception

It’s Not Just A Circular Bar

  • Each unit is the perfect size for one bar person to work behind
  • 2 units make a 90 degree corner bar
  • 4 units make a semi circle
  • Plenty of stock storage space
  • Can be combined with straight sections to elongate two, or even all four “sides”

dome marquee round bar hireThe calm before the storm and the party gets into full swing

IMG_4316Taittinger, Moet en Chandon and Veuve Clicquot All Brand Our Round Bars

IMG_4268Perfect for Exhibitions and Shows – In this case Branded with the clients logo

IMG_3212Festivals and Concert Back Stage VIP Bars

IMG_3050Perfect Example of Creative Branding for a PR Event

IMG_2997Simple, Elegant Stainless Steel for a Wedding

DSC_0235Round Bars Make a Great Centrepiece

DSC_5374 DSC08629 IMG_2512 IMG_3151 DSC_5399 IMG_2443

Thank you for your services at the party, you were fantastic – really helped to make it a terrific evening. There were lots of compliments about you, your staff and the bar itself. Will certainly be recommending you and hopefully you will get more business from this – Doug Dickson




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