Mobile Down-Lit Bar

Party bar hire

Get the stunning, exclusive nightclub feel for your event

Our Most Popular Mobile Bar Hire

The Down Lit Bar is by far our most popular Mobile Bar Hire. They look stunning, especially after dark and provide a real high class, executive feel for any event. They can be lit in almost any colour.

Available in modules of just under 2 metres in length, our most popular bar size is between 2 and 4 units. However we have organised, built and run bars much longer than this for larger events. We are also quite often asked to run several smaller bars – of 1 or 2 modules – in different areas at the same event.

Their solid build, stunning looks and versatility make the Down Lit Bar the first choice for most of our clients.
down lit mobile bar

The night is young, but the scene is set

Down Lit Mobile Bar Specifications

  • Versatile Mobile Bar Unit
  • Very strong and stable on flat hard surfaces
  • Dimensions:-
    • 1850mm Wide
    • 1200mm Tall
    • 500mm Deep

wedding marquee down lit

A larger Mobile Down Lit Bar catering for up to 500 guests

Versatile And Stunning

  • Three work surfaces to the rear of the bar
    • Top Shelf for mixing cocktails and presenting drinks to the customer
    • Middle Shelf for drinks’ preparation, tills, stock and ice etc
    • Bottom shelf for storage of stock and glasses
  • Top shelf is a Black Marble effect work surface onto which Draught Dispense Heads can be clamped

pro lighting marquee hire

Take a bold, beautiful down lit bar and just add guests

Can Be Lit In Any Colour

  • The front of the bar has a High Gloss White finish
  • The Bar top has a stainless steel polished shade that covers the light fitting
  • There is a Kick Plate on the bottom of the bar to protect the front
  • The Bar can be down lit in any colour
  • We have more than 100m of this unit for hire
  • Manufacturing lead time is 2 weeks from order, if buying new

wedding bar hire

A clean, classic, yet contemporary look for a wedding reception


We cannot thank you and your team enough… such energy… the effort, professionalism and thoughtfulness in all you did, was simply fantastic. Our guests have been positively overflowing with praise and admiration. We are enjoying basking in your glory! – Alyson and Clemence




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