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Our most popular Marquee Party Package

Great Marquee Party Package suitable for up to 150 guests.

This party package is your complete event solution. All the items for a great party are here.

Three Chinese Hat Marquees look great in your garden (note this package is for 4 hat marquees)

We’ve put together this fantastic party package using our new Chinese Hat Marquees.

Chill out zone

This Party Package is perfect for Birthday, Wedding or Anniversaries parties or events where you don’t have a sit down meal. (We can expand the marquee size if you need space for a sit down meal)

Red Carpet Entrance

Complete with:-

  • 4 Chinese Hat Marquee, Carpeted – Looks great in your garden
  • Cocktail Bar with Fantastic Mirrored Back Bar and Large Built In Fridge
  • 4 Cocktail Bar Staff
  • All drink behind bar to the value of £1500.00 at cost price
  • Chrome and Leather Bar Stools and High Bar Tables
  • 47 inch LCD TV Screen and laptop to display your party pictures on
  • 4 Chill Out Sofas
  • 4 Low white tables
  • 20 Bean Bag cubes
  • Mobile Nightclub including DJ, Stage, JBL PA, Numark Double CD Mixer with Mic
  • Nightclub Lighting including moving lights, LED Panels, UV Cannon Etc.
  • Glossy Black and White Dance Floor
  • LED uplighting throughout the marquees
Party ready to start – Cocktail bar on the left, nightclub at the top and the chill out zone on the right
  • Garden Lighting consisting of City Colours, Spike Lights and FairyLights
  • 2 x Patio Heaters
  • 2 x Flambeaux
  • 2 x Garden Patio Set with Parasols
  • 3 x Glass topped poser tables
  • 9 x Bar Stools
  • 10 x Giant Bean Bags
  • Gas Heater for the Marquees
  • Red Carpet Entrance with Tri Lit Truss wrapped in FairyLights
  • Power distribution from your house (All our cables and sockets are waterproof)
  • Smart toilet unit. Fully self contained.
  • Event Manager to oversea the smooth running of the event.
Black and White Dancefloor and Nightclub set up.

We have assumed you have a flat grass garden and that you have enough space to accommodate the marquees. You will need a minimum 12 x 12m of free flat space. Small bushes and trees can be accommodated.

Assuming your party is on a Saturday night we would normally install this event the day before (Friday) and remove on the Monday.

Guests enjoy the nightclub

Package includes transport, set up, take down and insurance.

Whatever the weather – 8 inches of snow – Dec 2010

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