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Marquee Party Package for 100 Guests

Red Carpet Entrance with Gas Flambeaux and Chinese Hat Marquees

This Marquee Party Package is absolutely ideal for a Summer Garden Party for up to 100 Guests

Perfect for Birthday, Wedding or Anniversaries Parties or events where you don’t have a sit down meal. (We can expand the marquee size if you need space for a sit down meal)

Chinese Hats look great in your garden

Complete Marquee Party Package – Everything You Need:-

  • 3 Chinese Hat Marquee, Carpeted – Looks great in your garden
  • Cocktail Bar with Fantastic Mirrored Back Bar and Large Built In Fridge
  • 3 Cocktail Bar Staff
  • All drink behind the bar to the value of £1000.00 at cost price.
  • Chrome and Leather Bar Stools and High Bar Tables
  • 47 inch LCD TV Screen and laptop to display your party pictures on
  • 3 Chill Out Sofas
  • 3 Low white tables
  • 20 Bean Bag cubes
Inside the Chinese Hat marques. (note this picture shows four hats together, however this package is for three)
    • Mobile Nightclub including DJ, Stage, JBL PA, Numark Double CD Mixer with Mic
    • Nightclub Lighting including moving lights, LED Panels, UV Cannon Etc.
    • Glossy Black and White Dance Floor
    • LED uplighting throughout the marquees
    • Garden Lighting consisting of City Colours, Spike Lights and FairyLights

  • 2 x Patio Heaters
  • 2 x Flambeaux
  • 2 x Garden Patio Set with Parasols
  • 3 x Glass topped poser tables
  • 9 x Bar Stools
Mobile Nightclub set up over the black and white danefloor
  • 10 x Giant Bean Bags
  • Gas Heater for the Marquees
  • Red Carpet Entrance with Tri Lit Truss wrapped in FairyLights
  • Power distribution from your house (All our cables and sockets are waterproof)
  • Small smart toilet unit. Fully self contained.
  • Event Manager to oversea the smooth running of the event.
Plan of the marquee layout
  • We have assumed you have a flat grass garden and that you have enough space to accommodate the marquees. You will need a minimum 12 x 12m of free flat space. Small bushes and trees can be accommodated.
  • Assuming your party is on a Saturday night we would normally install this event the day before (Friday) and remove on the Monday.
Nightclub in full swing
  • Package includes transport, set up, take down and insurance.

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