Dome Marquee Hire

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A spectacular venue for Parties, Events and Weddings


  • Unique look
  • Modular in 3 x 3m, 6 x 6m or 9 x 9m units.
  • Takes light and lighting effects very well at night
  • Comes with an integral hard varnished wooden floor which looks great as it is, or can be carpeted
  • Does not need to be staked down, the dome is fixed to the floor panels and these are heavy enough to hold the domes down

DSC_68189m x 9m Dome Marquee in a Woodland Setting

  • Domes can be carried to almost any garden or roof terrace. The individual items that make up the structure are much lighter and shorter than would be found in a Frame Marquee.
  • Domes provide a very different “Look” from more usual and traditional structures. They are a great talking point and very visual. Guests love the change from the norm.

dome marquee round barInterior of a 9m x 9m Dome with our Stainless Steel Round Bar


  • Really only a summer structure – May to September. Although it is waterproof, it would be hard to heat during the winter months.
  • Relatively new structure to the UK and therefore there are only a few companies who hire them out
  • Cannot have the interior lined with starcloth or lining – although you can have fairylight canopies
  • Structure is not really designed to have anything attached to it. So real doors, windows and trying to hang anything from the internal structure is not really an option.

dome marquee event lightingDome Marquees – Main Dome is 9m x 9m with two smaller 3m x 3m Domes attached.

More detailed information:-

  • Domes are made from a light tubular frame attached to a solid wooden floor board, then a light pvc white canvas roof is pulled over the dome frame shape
  • They are available in multiples of 3 x 3m. So 3 x 3m 6 x 6m and 9 x 9m.  Square units only.
  • Each unit can connect to any other size of unit. So a 3 x 3m can connect to a 9 x 9m
  • The sides can be clear pvc or white

DSC_6839Great woodland setting for two Pagodas and a Dome Marquee – The Dome was for the Dancefloor with the Chill out on the right and the bar on the left.

  • Any lighting or sound rig will need it’s own truss support as you cannot rig items from the frame structure.
  • Domes take light wash very well so don’t skimp on the interior and exterior lighting. LED’s on the inside and HMI’s or City Colour outside. LED’s on the outside are not really bright enough without spending a large amount on hire.
  • Heating – All year round we would recommend you heat your Dome. Don’t skimp on this. They are thin, non insulated structures that do not hold the heat like a Frame Marquee would do. A blustery overcast day or chilly night will take all the heat out of the Domes very rapidly.

dome marquee lightingDomes take light very well – Here a 9m x 9m Dome is uplight with LED’s over the Round Bar

Dome Marquee Pricing:-

  • Dome Marquees are priced per structure rather than per SqM as other Marquees are
  • The price will include the varnished wooden flooring, and carpeting is available as extra
  • Walls and windows are usually included within the structure price

special event dome hireRed Capet Entrance into the Domes

Just wanted to say a massive thanks to you and all your staff for pulling off such an amazing party. It’s the talk of the town. We had so many comments on how lovely and friendly the staff were and extremely professional. We will definitely be using your services again and hopefully soon – Kevin Savage