Chinese Hat Marquee Hire

Chinese Hat Chill out Space

Chinese Hat Marquees are very versatile and look magnificent at any event


  • Superb looking marquees with their peaked roofs and regular shapes
  • Several together make a multi room space
  • Robust and strong in all weathers – all year round
  • Can have interior linings
  • Can pitched on any surface
  • Variety of sizes:-
    • 3 x 3m
    • 4 x 4m
    • 5 x 5m
    • 6 x 6m
    • 10 x 10m (rare)
    • 12 x 12m (rare)
  • Have good gutters when joined together
  • Can have real doors, real solid walls, window walls or plain white pvc walls

Chinese Hat Entrance


  • Limited by size – very few structures over 6 x 6m in the UK
  • For bigger events you might find that the need for multiple structures to provide the necessary overall SqM is a pain

Flame Marquee Decoration

More Detailed Information:-

  • Chinese Hats are also called:- (and they are all the same really)
    • Pavillions
    • Witches Hats
    • Gazebos
    • Peak Marquees of Tents
  • They are basically a small frame marquee. They will share most of the same components as a Frame Marquee
  • They are always square (apart from some rectangles that you will mainly see in America)
  • There is a very big difference between these professional marquees and your average Gazebo from a Garden Centre
  • They use a heavier pcv than Capri or Dome Marquees
  • They can be used year round

Sporting Event Marquee Hire

Chinese Hat Marquee Prices:-

  • Chinese Hat Marquees are priced per structure rather than per SqM
  • The smaller structures (3 x 3M) would cost a few hundred pounds, but are usually included for very little when booking multiples or larger structures
  • Larger Hats (5 x 5m) will be between £300 and £450 depending again on how many you might be after
  • Extras such as lining, flooring and doors will be priced on top

Exhibition Marquees


Many thanks indeed for Capability Events contribution to the success of the above party. Your understanding of the needs and behaviour of the target audience, and ability to satisfy and control it on the night – does you immense credit. Well done! – Mike Tunnell