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Please find below a quote for your joint 18th and 21st Birthday Parties and Leaving Party.

Main details for your Party…

  • Event date – Saturday 6th June 2015
  • Location –
  • Guests – 140 Guests (60 x Adults, 50 x 21 yr olds, 30 x 18 yr olds)
  • Event times – 1930hrs to 0100hrs
  • Event type – Fantastic Birthday Party, emphasis on a smart and polished party. Full event production to include Marquees, Catering, Mobile Nightclub, Cocktail Bar, Staff, Toilets, Entertainments, Event Management and Clear Up.

Event Brief:-

To create a very memorable party to celebrate your Birthdays and emigration. To include Marquees, Catering, Chill Out Area, Mobile Night Club, Mobile Cocktail Bar, Catering, Power Distribution, Event Lighting and Event Staff – Everything for a great garden party.

Event Design:-

We specialise in creating fantastic parties. In describing your party design we find it helpful to “walk” clients through the party as if they were a guest. Starting as if they were arriving at the party and moving through each aspect until the end of the night.

IMG_2620 IMG_0167  IMG_0096 IMG_0231

Guests Arrival, Exterior Lighting and Reception Drinks:-

Guests arriving at the party by car will be encouraged to park out on the road. I had a look at your road outside and I think it’s perfectly possible to park a large amount of cars on one side of the road and still not obstruct through traffic. Guests will then be directed to the front of the house. Arriving at the house guests will walk up the red carpet to the front door where they will be met by members of our staff serving Prosecco from silver trays.  The red carpet will be flanked by Gas Flambeauxs to create a real wow factor as guests arrive. Guests will walk under the entrance truss arch which will be wrapped in fairy lights. This creates a real Wow factor at the entrance to the party. Guests love taking a selfie at this point of themselves on the red carpet.

Guests will then be invited to walk through the kitchen and into the back garden where we will have built your fabulous party marquee.  If the weather is good guests can enjoy canapes on the lawn and our staff will circulate topping up drinks as people meet and chat.  If it rains we will invite guests straight into the marquee and they can enjoy the canapes and reception drinks from inside the marquee.

The house, marquee and the trees surrounding will be uplit with colour changing floodlights which will really come into effect when darkness falls.

DSC_0355 DSC_0080  DSC_9019 DSC_8705


  • A 6m x 6m Chinese Hat Pagoda Marquee will form the entrance to the main marquee. Fairy lights will run up the legs and across the cross members with the interior roof  uplight by LED wash lights to provide spectacular ambient mood lighting. Chinese Hat’s are very popular with guests as they double up as outside smoking and chatting location as well as a chill out area. The Hat will be carpeted.
  • A 9m wide x 18m long Clearspan Frame Marquee.  This will form the main party area with  space for the Dancefloor, DJ and Cocktail Bar.
  • White exterior roof and walls
  • Main marquee – Ivory lined roof and walls using flat lining, not pleated as seen in wedding marquees
  • 9m of Starcloth over the dancefloor area
  • All Marquees carpeted in a colour of your choice
  • 16ft x 16ft Black and White Dance Floor
  • A 6m x 6m Catering marquee will be provided, along with power to ensure the caterers have everything they need for the event.  This will be directly attached the the main marquee but out of view of the guests.
 21st Party Marquee   DSC_2927 IMG_0249

Furniture within the Chill Out Chinese Hat and Main Marquee:-

  • LED wash lights creating ambient lighting
  • 4 x Chill out sofas
  • 12 x scatter cushions on the sofas
  • 2 x low white tables
  • 2 x low black tables
  • 15 x bean bags cubes in Red, Black and Ivory
  • 3 x poser tables
  • 9 x bar stools

DSC_2653  Chinese Hat Pagoda Entrance with   DSC_8843 IMG_0275

Marquee and Tree Lighting:-

Your marquee interiors will be lit with LED colour blocks and LED battens. This will provide ambient lighting for the evening. All lights can change colour or stay on static wash if needed. We will also wash the exterior of the Chill Out Chinese Hat and the Main Marquee with colour changing city colour lights. The large trees to the side and rear of the structures will be uplit.  There will be two patio heaters outside the entrance for anyone that needs to get some fresh air/smokers.

red bar Try your hand at making Cocktails  Outside Chill Out area at 18th Birthday Party DSC_9034

Cocktail Bar:-

We will install a Mobile Cocktail Bar into the main marquee. It will be a gloss downlit straight bar which can be downlit in a colour of your choice. Behind this we will install a bespoke fast cooling double fridge for the cooling of all your drinks to the perfect temperature.

We will also supply the following:-

  • 3 x Bar staff to make cocktails and drinks all night
  • £1400 + VAT worth of stock. This is at cost price and sale or return on unopened bottles. We will send you a list of the stock for your input and approval prior to the event. We will supply the table wine, water as well as all the Cocktails and Beers. This also includes the Prosecco reception drink.
  • Ice, fruit, glassware, trays and all sundries needed to run the bar
  • A bespoke Cocktail list will be printed for you.

cocktail bar hire IMG_2512  IMG_0219 IMG_0127

Dinner and Dancing:-

Our chefs will serve delicious Canapés to guest on arrival. Staff will cirulate through the guests at the reception handing out as they also top up glasses. Later they will prepare bowl food for the guests which will be served around 8.30pm.  This allows guests to continue to meet and chat whilst they eat. The menu will be as discussed with the caterer.   Later on in the evening our cater will provide a creperie to serve sweet and After dinner we will provide a wireless microphone for some short speeches and then the DJ will play from about 10.30pm. All timings can change on the evening.

IMG_7305 photo 2-2  photo 5 photo 4

The catering process works like this:-

  • We allocate a budget of £35 + VAT per head for Canapes, Bowl Food and Crepes.
  • After you book we put put our Chef in touch with you to discuss menus and requirements. He will base his initial menus on the £35 per head figure but you are free to increase or decrease this as you see fit. This revised price would then be reflected in your overall budget.
  • Currently our favourite Chef is available for the 6th June. I have him on standby but it’s first come first served – literally in this case.

If you are looking for a Birthday Cake we can recommend a fabulous Cake Designer www.cutabovecake.co.uk they make Wedding Cakes but also amazing Celebration Cakes!

IMG_0122 Guests enjoying the crepe selection  for desert  DSC_0046-8 DSC_0006-6

Mobile Nightclub:-

We will produce a premium nightclub dancing experience which will include the following:-

  • 16ft x 16ft Black and White Dancefloor
  • Smoke machine
  • 4ft by 8ft by 1ft high stage with black valance for the DJ
  • Arch Tri lite truss – set over the dance floor
  • Moving head lights and scanners
  • 5KwPa to include speakers, bass bins and amps
  • Wireless microphone for any speeches
  • DJ decks and mixer
  • Top class London Nightclub DJ – We recommend that you talk to our DJ two weeks before the party to discuss your play lists.

DSC_9015 DSC_9013  DSC_3269 DSC_0008-5

Taste of Brazil

Our amazing Brazilian Dance Troupe is a show stopper of an attraction. Drummers arrive at the party with fantastically decorated ladies and men and perform high energy dances to a loud and thumping backing track. The drums add a real kick to the performance.

I suggest that the troupe arrive about 8.30pm and work between 9pm and 10pm before the music and DJ really gets going.

DSC_9923 DSC_9927  DSC_9996 DSC_0466

Photo Booth

We will also install a professional photo booth in the corner of the marquee for guests to take and create photos from the evening.  The photo booth will be supplied with a box of props so guests can create fun photos! Guests will get a print out of their pictures and after the event you will be supplied with a DVD of pictures from the night.

Coach Transport:-

We will arrange for a smart coach to collect Charlotte’s guests from school in Oxford and bring them to the party.  We will also arrange for a coach to take them back to school in Oxford on Sunday morning.  Times to be arranged.


We will provide a separate quote for up to 40 guests to camp in the garden around the marquee in smart Bell tents.  These come equipped with all the bedding etc that your guests would need for the evening and are very smart. This quote will follow as we are waiting for several quotes. This is a busy festival and wedding weekend.

DSC_8413 DSC_8838  DSC_8476 DSC_8465

Marquee Heating:-

  • 1 x LPG Fired Heater under our control
  • The walls can be closed or opened during the night as needed
  • The Chinese Hat Walls can be added or removed as needed


We will supply a smart 2+1 toilet unit which is totally self contained. We will light the path to the toilets after dark. These will be parked outside your garage.

DSC_7240 DSC_7243  DSC_7247 DSC_7242


We will use your house power to run this party. You have plenty of power coming into your house and a good quality, recent installation. We will use our professional cables and waterproof connectors to connect into your supply. This is completely legal and ensures that your house and the party are on separate fuse boards.


Two stewards will patrol the exterior of your property and help with the car parking. I don’t think you need to have actual security men as this would be overkill. What you need is two stewards with hi viz and torches. These chaps will alternate with the bar staff as to patrol all night can be very tedious.


On the night we will supply you with 7 event staff in total. This will consist of:

  • 1 x Event Manager – Doubles as Bar Manager
  • 3 x Bar staff
  • 1 x DJ
  • 2 x Stewards (these might be bar staff rotated to patrol the grounds)
  • The caterers will bring all their own staff to prepare and serve the food.

IMG_7345 IMG_1988  jpg jpg

Site Clean Up:-

At the end of your party (on the night) we will clear the outside areas of the marquee back inside the structures. We will then shut the marquee up for the night and go to our hotel. On the  Sunday our staff will take the marquees down, litter pick and sweep the site to endeavour to return it back to original condition. We may need to return on the Monday to finish the clean up and ensure that the site is clean. We will bag up all rubbish and take it with us for recycling.

Proposed Party Schedule:-

  • 7.30pm – Guests arrive, Drinks and Canapés Reception
  • 8.30pm – Bowl Food served
  • 9pm –  DJ
  • 10pm – Crepes served
  • At 1AM we will turn off the music and make the Marquee secure and go to our hotel. Should you with to carry on with the party then as long as we know before about midnight we can leave the speakers and bar set up for you to carry on.

IMG_0112 IMG_0122  IMG_0229 IMG_0127

Marquee Build Schedule (provisional):-

  • Friday – Marquee and equipment install
  • Saturday – Finish install, tidy up, run all equipment and check – Run Event.
  • Sunday –  Clear up and de rig event. Remove Marquees.
  • Monday – Possible toilet unit collection – Finish site clean up


As you are aware we provide a completely no hassle solution for your event. We run the entire party from start to finish. All you have to do is supply the guests and turn up ready to have a great night. You can leave everything up to us. Our package includes the marquee, staffing, drink, catering, insurance and site clear up. – Everything you need for a fantastic party.

Total costs for this party would be:- £22,455.60

You can download a Breakdown of Costs Here. You can see what each item costs and how it effects the overall party.

Here is a selection of pictures of similar parties we have organised in the past.

Please come back to me should you have any queries regarding this quote and I will be happy to discuss it with you.



Next Steps:-

  1. Have a good read though the quote. There is a lot of information to digest.
  2. Do call or email to discuss budgets and ideas.
  3. If you wish to proceed to a booking you will need to tell us either by email or via a phone call.
  4. We then issue you with a booking form, an invoice and a copy of our terms and conditions.
  5. We ask you to sign the booking forms (which is done online)
  6. We would then ask you to pay 40% of your total invoice to confirm your booking.
  7. We then crack on with organising your event. 

Below – Relevant videos:-

This video shows a camp site we create for a 40th.

And this one shows a 21st that although it has a sit down mean gives you an idea of how it could look in the dancing and chill out areas.

This last one shows the Taste of Brazil dance Troupe in action.